About us

A Trade Investment and Consultant company ATLANTIS FX founded by foreign investors in Turkey in 2017.

This company, started under the management of Dr Şahin Dadkhah with a professional and experienced team. With management and experience of Dr Şahin Dadkhah, the team of professional legal consultants, computer and IT engineers, experienced administrative services team, real estate experts, industrial experts, petrochemical experts, aerospace industry and logistics experts, tourism hotel managements experts are working perfectly and reliable on various fields and large projects like industrial projects, petrochemicals or gas projects, construction projects, cultural projects in Iran and Turkey.ATLANTIS FX, invested many quick redeem projects in Middle East and Turkey. Main objective for this company is attract foreign investors, help to contribute Iranian economy and develop work environment for youth. ATLANTIS FX is ready to supply foreign exchange for projects in Turkey.

Company goals

For Iranian investors in Turkey, they also help with the new method of direct exchange, therefore they can exchange the properties between Iran to Turkey. Through, investors do not need to try to sell their properties, deal with the procedures, exchange the money and transfer issues but they can get help from this company and save time and more important save budget. ATLANTIS FX is collaborating with all Turkish and International banks and capable to open bank accounts and credit cards in lira, Dollar, Euro, Pound or other currencies. According the level of Letter of Credit amount they can apply guarantee letters from any international banks. With the legal consulting and international attorney team, ATLANTIS FX is ready to help in any kind of lawsuits in the courts of Turkey and Iran. This company already working with respectful Iranian businessmen and investors on trade of petroleum, petroleum and petrochemical products and importing important goods to Iran. ATLANTIS FX is ready to help in construction, industry and factory etc projects to investors. They guarantee for investing on quick redeem and highly profitable projects with professional, experienced and helpful team.

We hope, a trade investment and consulting company ATLANTIS FX, contributes Iranian economy and create new working environment for youth.

Managing Director and Founder

Dr. Shahin Dadkhah